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Netscape's Windows-only Jazz & Blues Channel: (based on AOL Radio)

Method: Download the file, nsradio.exe, the utility for Radio@Netscape from URL:

http://ns-radio.netscape.com/radio/radioclient/radioweb/ html/download.html

This utility will enable you to tune to the following channels:

Acoustic Blues
All Blues
Avant Garde
BigBand & Swing
Blues Women
Bossa Nova
Diana Krall DJs
Electric Blues
Jazz Fusion
Jazz Latino
Jazz Mix
Jazz Vocalist
Norah Jones Live
Sinatra Style
Smooth Jazz
Thelonious Monk
Top Blues
Top Jazz

Apple Computer’s I-Tunes 4.7

If you are an Apple Macintosh user, then you already have a built-in source of jazz radio in Apple’s much-ballyhood product, I-Tunes. Of course, I-Tunes is being heavily marketed with their fabulously popular I-Pod product. And why? Apple wants you to buy tunes from them at $.99 each.

Now, whether you are a user of Macintosh or not, you can enjoy free jazz readily available with their Radio category Jazz. Above left is pictured the Apple version of the I-Tunes utility interface with all of the 20 jazz sources or stations displayed. If you are either a Windows user with Windows XP or Windows 2000, you may download the Windows version of the I-Tunes program interface. You’re outta luck if you are still a Windows 98 user!


Windows Media Index of jazz radio


Depending upon which browser you use with the above URL, you will get very different result pages:

With Netscape 7.2, the above URL yields Radio - WindowsMedia.com Media Guide or MSN Radio Plus (Most if not all links here require Windows Media Player 9 or later. You will be out of luck if you're still using Windows 98 operating system as it only allows WindowsMedia Player 6.4 to 7, not Windows Media Player 9 or later).

But if the above link is placed only in an Internet Explorer browser, the jazz fan will be rewarded with 118 station listing (although far from complete) of world-wide radio and Internet-only jazz stations. In many cases, Internet-only stations have more than one channel (sorted by either music genres or connection speed Kbps (kilobits per second) like AccuRadio that has 36 listings of jazz broken down into different genres. Accuradio requires Windows Media Player 9.

If you download the free Windows Media Player, version 7.2 pictured to the left, and select the Radio Tuner button + the category of jazz, you will see the 118 stations mentioned above.

A Philippine-based link found among the 118 radio stations above:

Mareco Broadcasting Network DWBM-FM (105.1) in Manila and Baguio City, DYBM-FM (99.1) in Bacolod, DYWF-FM (93.1) in Cebu and DXLR-FM (93.1) in Davao.


Jazz reflections - A weekly 2 hour radio special that presents the best smooth jazz and blues on the planet, hosted by Bob Evans and produced by ABC Radio International USA. Friday nights from 8-10 pm, with replays on Sundays, also at 8:00 pm.

Comment: Although listeners throughout the Network and on the Internet can avail of Jazz Reflections, this is virtually the same programming that one listens to on Northwest Airlines between the US and Asia. It seems to me that, with jazz DJ talents like Wayne Enage, to name just one, that Mareco Broadcasting Network could come up with some original programming that spotlights Filipino jazz masters, including up-coming new talents, and also do live programming from various niteries throughout Manila or other cities. Stations like this should be pushing the best of Pinoy Jazz.

Real.com Players and non-free services (meaning, creditcard-enabled services)

The following listings were found via Real.com’s website (where they promote Real Player 10 at $4.95 per month after a 14-day trial period. Radio Pass (14-day free trial, $11.95 per month) Real.com claims a listing of 3,200 radio stations and 70 of them are ad-free. They promote Smooth Jazz but there is no indication about other kinds of jazz presented.

Below, on the Real.com website I found 24-hour free jazz originating from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: They use Real Media and Windows Media Players (compatible with the Win 98 operating system)



ABC Jazz and Jazz Track with Mal Stanley, Saturday & Sundays 5-7 pm Previous programs available by clicking a link.

Pacific Rim Jazz Sources (to be expanded later)

Listen to Tony Palkovic's Jazz Show (heard in greater Los Angeles) on
KSPC 88.7FM Tues. 10/18 12 - 2PM (Pacific) and the rebroadcast on Wed.
2-4AM at

Guests will be guitar virtuosos Strunz and Farah to play live.

TPJazzShow website:



Last But Not Least…

Other myriad jazz stations on the Internet locatable via the search engines like Yahoo.com, Google.com, etc.

Collis Davis

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